• Fits most late model skid steers
  • Ideal for safe fast pipe and material handling
  • Capable of handling pipe from 2” to 24” diameter
  • The scissor action grapple allows tines to manually adjusts to handle an array of pipe sizes
  • Wide carriage adds extra load stability
  • Grapple opens up out of the way so unit can be utilized as a conventional pallet fork.
  • 3/16” plate brick back mast for great visibility
  • Top and bottom of pallet fork tines are secured by rails
  • Tines are easily moved and secured in place with quick latch system
  • Tines can be removed
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Laser cut components ensure superior quality
  • Durable paint finish


Model # Frame Width (A) Tine Length Weight Capacity @ 22″ Load Center
PG 5500-48 80.25” 48” 659 lbs 5500 lbs max
* The above numbers reflect the capacity of the attachment, may be in excess of the lift capacity of some skid steers. Please check your owners manual for specific lift capacities.